Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why Hydro-Jetting? Los Angeles Hydro-Jetting Service (323) 490-7377

Of all of the pipes running in, out and under your home, an issue with sewer pipes is perhaps the most worrisome; after all, the last thing you want is sludge and flushed water from the bathroom toilet bursting up and out of the pipes.

As with any enclosed space, sewer pipes develop build-up over time, whether because an outside source, such as a root, begins to grow into the pipes or simple mineral deposits from the water begin closing up the interior. Hydro-jetting, sometimes referred to as hydro-scrubbing, is a water pressure wash for sewer pipes that helps to clean out this build-up for maintenance purposes, to clear out pipes for further inspection and to ready pipes for lining. The process is relatively simple: plumbers pump high-pressure water at 3,500 psi and a flow rate of 18 gpm into the pipes, cutting through and clearing out debris, rooting and other clogs.

Considered the ultimate in sewer pipe maintenance, hydro jet plumbing starts at the opening in the sewer pipes known as the “cleanout.” A specialized high-pressure hose attached to a large tank of water is piped into this opening, and once on, the hydro-jetting service quickly eliminates clogs, mineral deposits and backup, effectively and thoroughly cleaning hundreds of feet of sewer pipes without extensive equipment or labor.

Cost-effective and fast, hydro-jetting can cut through most roots and other types of build-up, preventing problems before they ever start. When it comes to sewer pipe maintenance, nothing beats hydro-jetting.

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